PG Tips 460 1 Cup Pyramid Tea Bags 1kg


PG Tips 460 1 Cup Pyramid Tea Bags 1kg

Size: 460s

WSP: £12.43

VAT: 0%


By Pack Type: Hanger

By Brand: PG Tips


Fully Rainforest Alliance Certified tea 100% natural Pyramid® tea bags. 100% Natural PG tips tea is the all natural drink that’s made completely from the finest tea leaves and nothing else. We pick the top two leaves and a bud known as the tips – hence the name – which is why we’re so delicious. Do your bit. Have a cuppa. Since making friends with the Rainforest Alliance in 2007, we are proud to say that the tea leaves in our pyramid tea bags are fully Rainforest Alliance Certified™. By choosing PG tips, together we are helping to protect the environment, whilst ensuring decent working conditions for farm workers and providing access to education and healthcare for them and their families. To find out more visit www.rainforest-alliance.com

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